Varaha Dwadashi - Adi Varaha temple Mathura


The Adi Varaha temple in Mathura houses one of Sri Varaha Bhagavan's oldest and self-evident deities. Due to its red appearance, this deity is also known as Lal Varaha.

The story of this Deity, according to the Adi Varaha Purana, is that Kapila Muni imagined it in his mind and it suddenly appeared before him. In Satya-yuga, Kapila muni presented the Deity to Lord Indra. In his kingdom, Amaraavati, this deity was worshiped by Indra. When Ravana conquered Indra's kingdom in the Treta yuga, he brought the Adi Varaha Deity to Lanka, his capital.

Vibhishan was crowned Lanka's king after Lord Rama defeated Ravana. At Lord Rama's feet, Vibhishan presented everything he had. Rama stated that the Varaha Deity that was taken from Devalok was the only thing he wanted. The God was given to Rama by Vibhishan. Prabhu Sri Rama brought the Deity back to Ayodhya and spent 110 years worshiping the Lord there. Later, when Lord Rama's brother Shatrughna went to Mathura to fight demons, he brought the Deity with him, and the Deity has always been in Mathura.

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