Lord Alarnatha of Brahmagiri


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Sri Alarnath Temple could be a vital temple of Visnu close to Jagannath Puri (23 km) at Brahmagiri, Orissa. Lord Alarnath is that the representative of Lord Jagannath at Puri. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu stayed at this temple throughout anavasara, the two-week amount once Snana-yatra once Lord Jagannath rests in seclusion before the annual Rathayatra (chariot festival) in Jagannath Puri. Lord Caitanya could not bear staying in Puri while not seeing His beloved Lord, and at Alarnath He would reveal the best non secular emotions, yearning in joyous separation. whereas doing the Temple’s Parikrama, one will take darshan of the unbelievable prema-sila (stone slab) of Lord Caitanya, on the proper facet of the temple once coming into the most gate from the road. This stone block bears impressions from Lord Caitanya's body. once Lord Caitanya 1st lay fully obeisance before Lord Alarnath, the stone at a lower place Lord Caitanya unfrozen from His joyous bit.

Lord Alarnath (or Alarnatha) is AN ancient four-handed Visnu divinity believed to be put in by one in every of the Alvars. he's presently worshiped by the Jagannath Mandira pujaris. At His feet kneels Garuḍa, His eagle-carrier together with his hands closed in prayer. Lord Alarnath’s consorts Sri and Bhu Hindu deity additionally accompany Him. The temple additionally options little Deities of Sri Krishna’s queens Rukmini and Satyabhama. Bas reliefs of Lord Brahma and Lord Hindu deity grace the ceiling of 1 of the halls leading up to the most chamber. The positioning of the four Visnu symbols on this ancient divinity looks to point that he's Janardana Visnu or Adi Visnu - the first type of Lord Visnu. however not like Lord Janardana, Alarnath holds his mitt within the abhaya mudra; granting fearlessness and security to whomever takes His shelter. This gesture is merely shown by Lord Krishna Deities and not murtis of Visnu or Narayana. This temple was designed by King Madan Mahadev in 1128 AD.

The temple additionally holds a divinity of Lord Caitanya referred to as Sad-bhuja, or "Six-armed," signifying Lord Caitanya's identity with each Lord Krishna and Lord Ramacandra. to achieve Alarnath, Lord Caitanya would walk on the beach.

Temple becomes jam-pawncked throughout the Krishna paksha of Ashadha month, once the Snana Yatra once Lord Juggernaut can't be seen in Puri. throughout this era, popularly referred to as Anasara or Anavasara (literally which means no chance to examine the lord of Puri), rather than having darshan in Juggernaut Temple, native devotees believe that Lord Juggernaut throughout now manifests as Alarnath Deva, at the Alarnath temple in Brahmagiri. The Temple opens daily at six AM and closes at 9:30 PM. within the morning Semitic deity Bhoga is obtainable and in mid-day totally different forms of rice, daal and vegetable curries with Payasam is obtainable. in the dark totally different forms of Pitha and Khichudi with Plantain fry is obtainable. throughout Anavasara time the Payasa or Kheer bhoga offered to Lord Alarnath Deva is far hyped and in demand. Sri Alarnath temple could be a one hour taxi ride from Juggernaut Puri. On the ride to Alarnath temple from Jagannath Puri one comes across flat, winding road with lovely views of agricultural fields and huge coconut-palm forests.

The brahmanas from concerning fifty families move serving the Alarnath deities. every family focuses on one facet of the divinity service, the tradition passing from generation to generation. Some families cook for the deities, whereas others provide the deities their meals, worship them, adorn them, and so on.


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