Jambavan Cave, Ranavav, Gujarat


Jambavan cave is located at village named Ranavav, 17 km from Porbandar, off Rajkot-Porbandar highway in Gujarat.
Inside the cave there is the spot where Lord Sri Krishna and Jambavan fought over the Syamantaka jewel for 28 days continuously day and night.
There is an exact spot where Jambavan gave Syamantaka jewel and gifted his daughter Jambavati for marriage to Lord Krishna.
Inside the cave there are 2 tunnels.
One tunnel leads to Junagarh which is 2 hours away, and other leads to Dwarka.
Jambavan, together with Parasuram and Hanuman, is considered to be one of the few to have been present for both Ram and Krishna avatars. Said to have been present for the churning of the ocean and thus witness to the Kurma avatar, and further the Vaman avatar, Jambavan may well be the longest lived of the chiranjivis and have been witness to the most avatars than any other earthly being.

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